The idea behind IITK

I spent most of my life in Italy, surrounded by a super cook mother (mamma sei la migliore), a professional caterer aunt (grande Zia Gabri) and most of my friends blazoned with cordon bleu certificates, so I never thought of myself as a cook. (Did I mention that my mother in law handwrote a recipe book when I married Francesco to make sure her son would be well fed? – Rita, your recipe book is irreplaceable!)
But thank God I never had to see a therapist to boost my self esteem in the kitchen.
All it took was moving to the States.
Sarà stata la nostalgia dei sapori e degli odori di casa? Maybe so. With not much help around, more time to experiment and a whole lot of great recipes just waiting to be tried, I found out cooking could actually be fun, easy and extremely rewarding.
I admit it: as most Italians, I may have a spoiled palate. I’m used to eating good food, so I set the bar very high. But I can guarantee that what you make at home is better tasting, healthier and cheaper!
Over the past years I’ve come to realize that I may not be a chef, but I sure am a pretty awesome cook, un gran pezzo di cuoca. All it takes is trying. You might think I’m delusional, and that I should go see that therapist after all, but hey, that’s the great thing about having a blog, right?
Now, I kind of sound funny like one of those motivational speakers, but go ahead and discover the cook that’s in you, scopri il cuoco che è in te! Have fun, stay healthy, save, be creative, be (a little) delusional….and learn some Italian in the process.

I’ll post some of my favorite recipes and hope you’ll want to try them. You’ll be surprised to see how little it takes and how pleased cooking will make you feel.